Catt Lauer
First Appearance Catt Lauer
Potrayed by Steve Greene
Died in Birthday Episode, Flying Kitties
Catt Lauer is a minor character of =3. In Birthday Episode, he mentioned he had 14 kitties. He also has 9 lives and died twice, meaning he has 7 lives left. Catt will never appear in future episodes due to Ray leaving Maker.

Information Edit

Catt likes telling people to "go f**k themselves". Catt once hired a hooker, but he assures he did not hurt her as she was a hooker. Additionally, Catt appears to be a smoker, as he had a cigerette in his mouth at the beginning of a news segment. He appeared in Rage Boner where he did a report on the hairless kittens, which he said he wouldn't complain but he did. In Gay Fire during the Brady Bunch theme song parody, Catt appeared at the end saying "Go f*** yourselves! All of you!" He appeared momentarily in Everybody Is Gay before he's dismissed angrily by Ray and quietly mumbles, "Catt Lauer reporting." In Nut Shot Trilogy, Ray promised Catt that if he allowed him to smash a vacuum cleaner into his testicles, then he would be allowed back on the show. After getting hit, blood splattered from his crotch to the camera, and he exclaimed, "I don't have a dick!" and then quietly said, "... Catt Lauer reporting...." In the episode Big Water Bazonga Melongs Catt re-appeared once again, despite his death in Flying Kitties and he is the host of that episode

Death(s) Edit

Catt Death

Catt Lauer being shot in "Birthday Episode"

In "Birthday Episode", Catt was fired by Ray and subsequently killed by gunshot to the head. However, he came back later in the episode, stating how he has nine lives. In "Flying Kitties", Catt overtook the studio, threatening everyone with a gun,
Flying Kitties Bottom Image

Catt being shot again

and proceeded to host the show. At the end of the video, once Steve Greene (the voice of Catt) had come out and began talking about his channel, Catt rose without the need of a puppeteer and pointed his gun at his once-voicer. As he was about to kill Steve, however, someone shot Catt. The mysterious shooter was revealed in the next episode to be Gabriel Iglesias.