Fatty Spins was Ray's former Youtube channel.
Fatty Spins

Image of the band with meekakitty molllymandy16 and willofdc

 It lasted 2009-2010. Their first song on Ray's channel was called "Doin' Your Mom" and then Ray announced the channel 2 Girls 1 Truck. The first song on their channel was called "Youtube Party". Their last song was "School'd". In early-2010, FattySpins retired for unknown reasons but someone reuploaded the song in a channel called fattyspins2.

Songs Released Edit

  1. Doin' Your Mom (on Ray's channel)
  2. Youtube Party
  3. Muppet Sex
  4. Apple Store Love Song
  5. School'd
  6. hardcore gangsta thug

Band Members Edit

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